Where to Find Hygge in Summertime Copenhagen?

Hygge which is pronounced as hougga is something you can associate with winter: soft blankets, fur-lined slippers, and candles. But you don’t have to wait for winters to find it. No matter what season it is, Copenhagen itself is hygge, full of design that is ergonomic rather than aggrandizing. Hygge is all about little pleasures of life, quality time, visiting enticing places, and carefree enjoyment of lovely things. Copenhagen has it all.

  1. Boat Trips

To have a cozy or hyggelig time in Copenhagen, boat trips are a way to go. Hire solar power boats which also have picnic tables equipped with them. Enjoy a good time along the canal with your good friends, chit chat and have a great picnic.

  1. Tivoli

The centerpiece of the city is the Tivoli Gardens. It is full of charm and whimsy. It has a Chinese pagoda, wandering peacocks, a boating lake, sculptural lanterns, and fairylights twinkling in the trees. It also has many terrace restaurants, a café name Cakenhagen which is entirely dedicated to cakes. Tivoli also hosts a number of concerts in many venues across the park. You are lucky to find accommodation in hotel apartments in Copenhagen nearby Tivoli as this is one of the main attractions of the city.

  1. Cycling

Hygge also means finding pleasures in connecting with nature and cycling is one way to go. Explore the greener corners of the city by cycling around the city. It is easy to ride a cycle in Copenhagen as it has an incredible 350km of separate pancake-flat cycle lanes.

  1. Danish Treats

There is no delight in life where there are no sweet delicacies. On a hot day, Svaneke at Tivoli is the best. It produces the perfect artisanal ice cream with creamy flavors like fig and mulberry. Try the delights of Bryggen11 too, the one that comes with the poppy seeds. Istid in Norrebrø produces organic ice cream made with liquid nitrogen with a dramatic puff of smoke.