Fun Facts for Family Fun in Copenhagen

Planning a holiday trip for the entire family can be tough. If you have kids across a wide range of ages, it can mean having to make compromises in order to keep the family peace. But even if your family is just you and your one child, finding the right kind of accommodations and some interesting places to share might be a challenge.

If Europe in the summer has always been a secret wish of yours, then we have a suggestion that just may seem a bit off the beaten path. Norway’s Copenhagen is a treasure trove of great places to explore with your kids, family friendly accommodations such as the holiday apartments in Copenhagen that are designed with families in mind and more parks than you can shake a stick at in the core of the city.

With the Norwegian’s love of all things green it should come as no surprise that there are many great parks in their major cities. From the vast urban forest in Oslo to the kitschy but fun theme park in Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, Norway may be just the ticket for your next family holiday. Let’s look at a few reasons why.

Tivoli Gardens

Despite the name this central urban park in the heart of Copenhagen is so much more than just an urban green space. It has a theme park within it that uses the imaginative storytelling of native son Hans Christian Andersen to create one of a kind rides and amusements. The roller coaster even has an immersive virtual reality element that you can opt in for on the ride to give it a unique thrill.

Beyond the traditional rides there is a wonderful park you can stroll through, complete with a lake where you can rent boats. With a bit of everything for every member of the family, this is one urban park that really does contribute to the cities reputation as one of the most livable cities in the world.

Flea Market Hunting in Frederiksberg

 Not far from the city of Copenhagen is Frederiksberg, with it’s legendary Open Air Museum and nearby KU.BE playground. But the one thing we found that our kids loved was the Sunday Flea Market. It is an open-air market filled with thousands of curios and items to explore.

This is the perfect place to take your teens so they can bargain hunt for their favorite band’s t-shirts, find old toys that bring back their childhood and eat the vast array of local food on hand. The trip from Copenhagen is a quick one, and you can even stop along the way for a picnic along the shore.

Oslo’s Nordmarka Forest

Within the city limits, and just a short transit trip from the city core, is an amazing wilderness called the Nordmarka Forest. It abounds with sports lodges for skiers and hikers to use, it has lakes where you can fish or you can rent a cabin and stay for a visit. The largest urban forest in the world, it is a tribute to the love so many Norwegians have of the forest.

As you can see, the most difficult part of a trip to Norway is narrowing your choices. From urban parklands and theme parks to science-based exploration buildings and vast flea markets, there is a bit of everything for everyone in Norway while on holiday.