5 Different Types Of Shorts That Every Guy Should Carry While Travelling

You want to go out for a weekend trip or a day-hike or a camping trip? No worries! All you need this season is to go out and explore. Travelling essentially comes with a bit of packing and shopping and the trendy denim shorts available nowadays promise to give you an exceptional look. Not only are these shorts easy-to-pack and require less space but at the same time gives a pleasant experience. These five different pairs of shorts invariably come handy, both in terms of look as well as comfort. Let’s have a look at a few travel shorts which suits the best for almost all kinds of outings:

Eddie Bauer Amphib Shorts

Does it often concern you, “what if my clothes get wet while travelling?” Here is the perfect solution from Eddie Bauer. This fantastic material lets you travel carefree on land or water, without any hassles, as its easy transition from wet to dry does the trick. It also offers a four-way stretch to enhance maximum mobility without causing any discomfort. The pockets offer auto-lock zippers to keep important stuff right in place and thus make them highly secure. The Flexion fabric used for preparation also makes sure that the shorts look just perfect as you wear them while walking or swimming.

Toad&Co Mission Ridge Short

Are you planning a business trip? Then, here are must-take shorts which look just as perfect as you board the flight in the business class. The material is a blend of super-soft organic polyester, cotton and spandex. The super-stretch property facilitates flawless movement and guarantees maximum comfort. Although the back pockets are welted which makes it inaccessible to sticky fingers, yet the smooth fit suits the best for a business trip.

Patagonia Stretch Terre Planning Board Shorts

The perfect pair of shorts for a beach-party is here. Whether you want to enjoy swimming or stay at the bar or do both, the Patagonia Stretch Terre Planing Shorts fills your wish just as you want it. It allows you to swim under the sun and then continue with it for the next half of the party. The recycled polyester fabric provides for the instant-drying property. These pair of shorts also features a UPF 50 sun protection and are water-repellent. The flat-front chino styling and the belt loops give a formal look which helps you to stand out in the party.

Maroc Shorts

They are particularly designed for warm-weather travel and their informal, chino style and classic look makes them a perfect option for a varied range of uses. They make the best choice for an evening stroll at the beach, lunch at restaurants, and many more. It can be easily washed as it easily dries off overnight following which ironing them produces a neat and tidy finish. They are characterized by two hand pockets with internal zips and two rear pockets which can be button-locked. The appealing waistband and the belt loops look light and less bulky.

Escaper Shorts

Need a pair of shorts for outdoor activities? Here you go! The Escaper shorts are specially designed for outdoor performances during travel and informal times. The material is prepared using a light but rigid and stretchable fabric and also features an elasticated waist. They are flexible, enhancing extreme movements and leave no moisture. Therefore they ensure great comfort and promise to be the best option for a wide range of activities. They also characterize water-repellent properties and are easily washable. Once wet, it dries within an hour or two and is always ready to hit the action board.