Three European Holiday Destinations Families Will Love

Travelling with a family for a European holiday can be a daunting task. It takes the planning skills of a military general and the negotiation skills of a diplomat to arrive at a plan the whole family will endorse. And that is just getting to the planning part!

But when it comes to planning for a fun and interesting family holiday you really can’t beat Europe as a destination the whole family will get behind. Of course, deciding where in the entire European continent you want to go is the next step. We have three destinations, each with their own strengths, that you might just want to consider.

The Romance of Rome

While most of us think of Paris when it comes to a romantic holiday, Rome has old world charm and modern life conveniences all rolled up in one package. With the legendary ancient ruins to visit and the reputation of Italian drivers at stake, you might want to consider one of the many wonderful Rome tours as a part of your Roman Holiday plans.  This way you can leave the driving to those who are used to the non-rules of Italian city streets and simply enjoy the sites.

Walking the streets of Rome is another big part of the experience. I would hardily recommend making sure you have plenty of days devoted to simply getting lost in this great city and enjoy some sidewalk café entertainment as well. Rome is filled with great museums, lovely parks, ancient ruins and bustling nightclubs, so there is something for everyone in your family.

Biking Through Holland

Windmills may come to mind first when you think of Holland, and there is no question there are still plenty of them around. But the bike pathways that criss-cross the country is what makes this a great family vacation destination. You can book a hotel room in Amsterdam and explore that city, then take the train to outlying towns that don’t seem to have changes all that much in the last two hundred years.

Since the country has bike paths sitting on top of the many dikes that keep this country safe from the sea, you can bike from town to town on pathways that connect everything. The family will wheel past quiet farms, stop at little inns and follow charming signposts that point out your next stop. For families who love the bicycle together, there isn’t a better destination.

Walking the Lake District of England

For the family that loves their books, the Lake District of England might be the perfect destination. Located in the northwest corner of England, this is the birthplace of such famous authors as Beatrix Potter of Peter Rabbit fame and many poets including Wordsworth. The countryside is dotted with farms, small towns and many trails that connect them through a green rolling parkland.

As you can see from just these three suggestions, there is a vast amount of variety available when planning a trip to Europe for your family. With everything from historic sites to comfortable country travels, you can plan for what your family loves to do. Urban adventurers and countryside ramblers can both get their thrill if you look for the places in Europe that feeds all of our need for a bit of a change with a holiday.